Seventeen Cleveland Fire Officers Disciplined in Scandal

The city of Cleveland announced Thursday that 17 fire officers have been disciplined for their actions in a shift-trading scandal. Another supervisor is still being investigated.

According to the Plain Dealer, seven were suspended for one 24-hour shift. The other suspensions include: five for two 24-hour shifts and one three 24-hour shifts.

Two others will serve a 24-hour shift suspension should they be involved in future disciplinary matters while two others received a reprimand.

Actions against an 18th supervisor, who is currently on leave, are still being examined. 

"The lack of supervisory oversight in the Division of Fire regarding this matter enabled firefighters to engage in a practice of swapping their scheduled work shifts in violation of an established policy," Chief Patrick Kelly said in a statement. "This practice not only eroded the public trust, but also brought significant scrutiny and dishonor to the division."

In May 2013, 13 firefighters were charged with conspiracy to accept illegal payments and theft in office when it was discovered that they paid others to work their shifts.