Driver with Python Around Neck Crashes Car into N.Y. Fire Station

New York firefighters and medics who went to the aid of a driver whose vehicle crashed into their firehouse found a patient with a python wrapped around her neck. 

"We heard a bang and a few seconds later, a louder bang," said New Hyde Park Chief Steven Waldron. "We went to the vehicle to render aid and there was a small python sitting on her chest."

Police said the driver struck a median and a parked car before plowing into the fire station, striking two fire engines.

The front door was badly damaged as were the fire trucks, one of which has to be taken out of service for several months, the chief told NBC reporters. 

"Weird, very weird. You don't think someone's going to be driving around with a snake on their chest," he said.

A medic reportedly took care of the snake, while firefighters tended to the woman.

A ball python had been reported stolen from a pet store not far from the firehouse.