North Dakota Personnel Discuss Regional Station

Aug. 06--The Grand Forks County Commission will propose the creation of a central emergency-response station to the North Dakota Association of Counties.

Gerry Roach, a member of the Emerado, N.D., volunteer fire department, presented the idea to the commission because he said many volunteers travel to work in Grand Forks and are being stretched too thin.

"It's working right now, but I can see problems in the future," he said.

The concept is still very vague at this point, but Roach said that even a full-time ambulance with emergency personnel stationed at a central location in the county would help relieve some of the demand for services.

Increased rail traffic carrying crude oil through many small towns amplified the need for a faster emergency-response team, Roach said.

Commissioner Gary Malm said if the Association of Counties doesn't move forward with the idea, he would look at speaking with local politicians.

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