Deadline Extended for Station Design Awards

The deadline for the first annual Firehouse Station Design Awards has been extended to Aug. 15. It is a great opportunity for your department to showcase the time and effort that went into the design of your new fire station.

“It’s a huge investment to build a station,” Firehouse Project Manager Janet Wilmoth said. “A lot of towns and cities are building public safety facilities with police, fire and ambulance services in them.” She added some communities are incorporating administrative services in the buildings.

Wilmoth said as the demands on volunteer and career firefighters change, and more and more is expected of responders, they need places that can accommodate the equipment, staff and services they are expected to provide.

Even volunteer and paid on call firefighters are beginning to sleep in fire station which change the facility needs, including the need for better cooking areas..

The winners and entries will be showcased in the November issue of Firehouse.

Wilmoth said the November issue will most likely be a “keeper” as fire chiefs and officials use the photos in the publication to show what they would like to have in their own stations.

Find out more about the Station Design Awards and learn how to enter here.