Tree Trimming Mishap Claims Pa. Man

Aug. 14--A Blandon man died after a rope tied to a falling tree limb he was cutting wrapped around his torso at an Alsace Township home Wednesday, witnesses said.

Terry English, 61, was pronounced dead by the Berks County coroner's office at 12:22 p.m., Deputy Coroner Joel Bonilla said. They are not releasing any other information.

State police are investigating. They are not releasing anything at this point, said Trooper David C. Beohm, the public information officer at Reading station.

English was injured shortly after 11 a.m. while he was working about 35 feet off the ground in a bucket truck, said Charles Fegley, owner of the home in the first block of Rand Drive.

Fegley said he has known English, owner of Northern Star Tree Services in Blandon, for about two years. Fegley said he hired English's company in the past and was watching when the accident happened in his driveway.

"He had the limb tied off and when he cut it, it dropped over the bucket and caught him," Fegley said. "I asked his partner to get him down and he lowered him."

Fegley said he called 9-1-1 as English's partner, Tim Maser, tried to lower English.

"I was so scared and I don't know how to really work the levers," Maser said. "I lowered him down as far as I could."

Maser lowered the bucket to within a few feet over the truck's hood and untied the rope from the branch.

Shortly after, Alsace Manor Fire Company arrived, and firefighters removed English, who was unconscious, from the bucket.

Fegley said the accident was quick and frightening.

"It's a nightmare," he said.

An ambulance took English to an area hospital.

Neither police nor firefighters were immediately able to comment on the incident.

Maser said the work they were doing was smaller and more manageable than what they usually handle.

Before the extend of the accident became known, Maser said that he worried for English and that the man was more than just his boss.

"He is like a father to me," Maser said. "I just want this to be over with so I go over to the hospital and see him."

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