Mom of Charleston 9 Firefighter Concerned about Junkyard Plan

The mother of a Charleston 9 firefighter is not happy with plans for a salvage yard adjacent to where her son answered his final alarm.

The former site of the Sofa Super Store is now a landscaped memorial park complete with benches and plaques to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in June 2007.

And, the thought of a used car lot and junkyard next door isn't sitting well with Ann Mulkey, whose son, Louis, is one of those perished.

"This is where they died and where their souls went to heaven," Mulkey told a Post and Courier reporter.

Allison Burky Boone said she understands the neighboring land is sacred, and vows to treat it respectfully. "It's not going to be an eyesore," she told the paper. 

She has plans to erect high fences and plant trees to serve as a buffer. 

Another city meeting is set in the next few weeks. And, the land is zoned correctly.

But Charlie Smith, a local resident who lives near the business, also voiced concerns about the lot for wrecked vehicles. 

He wonders why the city would spend $1.85 million to purchase the memorial site "then put a junk yard next to it. It's either hallowed ground or it's not."