Embattled Black Forest Chief is Gone

Embattled Black Forest Fire/Rescue Protection District Chief Robert Harvey is gone.

But, he reportedly hasn't officially tendered his resignation either.

Harvey, who was criticized by a local sheriff for his handling of a massive wildfire, took leave in June saying he was suffering PTSD.

There had been no communication with the fire district board since then, according to Rick McMorran, fire district head.

"The Board has awaited word from Chief Harvey on his condition as well as his intentions regarding his return to work. The Board had intended to schedule a meeting with Chief Harvey to discuss this, but then learned that he had apparently made statements elsewhere that he was no longer employed," McMorran wrote in a statement.

"Yesterday, Chief Harvey cleared his personal items out of his office," McMorran said. 

At one point, Harvey was targeted by a petition to get him dismissed for his management of the wildfire.

But, an investigation of the fire exonerated him for misconduct or unprofessional behavior.