Recall: The Fire Service Headlines This Past Week

News involving the fire service this past week included a community pausing to remember a fallen hero, a dispute from nurses and unfortunately, another firefighter accused of setting fires.

Nurses in California don’t think firefighters are adequately trained to visit patients in their homes to make sure they are taking their medicine. A pilot community medicine program is underway, and a number of departments are participating.

In New Carlisle, Ind., residents and workers lined the streets with signs and flags to honor Assistant Chief Jamie Middlebrook.

He was killed when a roof collapsed at a fire. His colleague, Matt O'Donnell, who suffered broken legs, recounted Middlebrook’s last moments.

Meanwhile, six Nashville firefighters are off the street after they pronounced a gunshot victim dead, and left the scene. Nearly two hours later, police called another ambulance crew when they observed him struggling to breathe.

Those on leave amid a probe are a medic, an EMS supervisor, an EMT and three firefighters.

And, a firefighter in Pennsylvania who was well-known by police officers is charged with setting fires.

The Goodwill firefighter and a juvenile are charged with starting fires in three houses.

In Missouri, there’s a department that’s only in operation for 11 days – during the state fair.

Read about how it got started and some of the calls they've handled along the way.

Also this week, investigators determined a faulty drivetrain on a fire engine caused a deadly crash in June that killed a Montana fire chief and a family of five.