Glenburn, Maine Home Destroyed By Fire

Glenburn, Maine-- On March 27th, Glenburn and Hudson Firefighters were dispatched to a working fire around 9:30 am.

Hudson 51 and 54 aknowledged the tones. Hudson 54 was responding from the city of Bangor and could see a black ploom of smoke and requested mutial aid from the City of Bangor, Kenduskeag and Levant fire departments.

Captain Michael Simmons (Hudson 54) was the first officer at the scene and reported a 1.5 story structure fully involved. Hudson 52 was the commanding officer and was later transferred to Glenburn 220.

Crews from Bangor, Hudson,and Glenburn made a aggressive attack on the home. The home owner had placed a log from the fireplace on the back porch. The house was a total loss.

Firefighters were able to salvage some of the clothing for the parents, but all the children possessions were destroyed. Firefighters were also able to save a Jeep, two four-wheelers and snowmobiles from the garage.