Minn. Fire Crews Conduct Confined Space Training

The Elk River Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team recently completed a 24-hour confined space technician training program. This course was a continuation of the team’s ongoing training to prepare for high-risk incidents that require the deployment of advanced rescue techniques and equipment.

Elk River has grown significantly over the past few decades, bringing with it expansion and growth in the commercial and industrial sector.

The department recognized that the potential exists for serious accidents that require specialized equipment and training. This capability will enhance the department’s core mission in providing fire and rescue service.

The department is fortunate to have great business partners, and the team conducted training at the Cretex facility and Waste Water Treatment plant.

At the beginning of the weekend-long training program, the entire fire department participated in classroom training, learning how to handle the initial response to a confined space incident and how to support rescue efforts.

Members of the team commit, on average, to an additional 24-40 hours of training annually to maintain proficiency in technical rescue operations.