Iowa Crews Extricate Driver from Soybean Hauler

The driver of a dump truck loaded with soybeans was trapped after a blown tire caused him to loose control of his rig in Pleasant Hill on Aug. 17.

The truck was north bound on the Highway 65 bypass, near the ramp from Highway 163 when the right front tire came apart. Witnesses said the truck veered hard to the right, forcing the truck from the northbound lanes and into a grassy area between travel lanes and the ramp. The right front corner of the truck dug into the dirt sending the truck into a roll and coming to rest on the driver's side of the cab.

Soybeans from the truck were dumped across the on-ramp, blocking traffic including the first on-scene trucks from getting next to the wreck. Members from the Pleasant Hill Fire Department, along with assistance from the Altoona Fire Department, used a battery powered Hurst Jaws and Spreaders with a sawzall to remove the roof, steering wheel, and steering colum of the truck to free the driver.

A construction crew working nearby put their backhoe/loader to work and cleared the pavement of the beans while the driver was been removed. This allowed the ambulance to drive up to the scene and transport the driver, who was transported to a local hopsital with injuries to one arm.

The spilled soybeans cause several issues durning the incident for the rescue worker.

Besides trying to maneuver tools and equipment in near ankle deep soybeans, footing was tricky. Soybeans  act like tiny marbles and cause several near falls. Before deploying the rescue struts to stablize the cab of the truck, the soybeans had to be scooped from the pavement to create a solid surface.