Power Line, LP Tanks Hamper N.C. Crews

Nash 911 received a call from a passerby of a structure fire at 5584 Boulden Rd. on Nov. 6. 

Nash County Fire Marshal C105 was the fire unit to arrive around 12 p.m. and found fire located in the front of the house, involving two rooms and the front porch. Flames were quickly spreading to the car parked in the front yard.

As firefighters arrived, an electrical line burned through and dropped to the ground on the A/D corner. Crews worked around that hazard and encountered multiple LP gas cylinders were located on the involved front porch too.

Castalia Chief Varnell arrived and ordered a 1 3/4-inch line be deployed to an exterior attack of the front porch. Fire Marshal Bissette led an attack crew to the rear of the structure to make entry with an 1 3/4-inch line along with a positive pressure fan on attack.

When crews reached the interior they had to retreat due to doors that were blocked by furniture and could not be opened.

The exterior crews made an aggressive attack to slow the fire down with one 1 3/4-inch line and one 2 1/2-inch line while the interior crew exited and then made entry through a window on the D side of the structure.

The fire was marked under control about 25 minutes after arrival. Salvage and overhaul was performed while applying foam to hot spots.

An investigation found the occupant had left the structure about six hours earlier and left an electric space heater on too close to combustibles in the front room.

Firefighters from Castalia, Nashville, Spring Hope and Momeyer Fire Departments responded to the scene. Assistance was also received from the Nash County Fire Marshal, Nash EMS and the American Red Cross.

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