Photo Story: Kansas Firefighters Train Together

Members of City of Cherryvale Fire Rescue and Cherryvale Rural Fire Department gathered for a regularly scheduled drill.

The fire/medics rotated through a course that was designed to last approximately 15 minutes per two person team. The first station was donning full bunker gear within the required one minute.

After this was completed, due to 90-plus degree temperatures, the members shed their turnout coats and donned SCBA.

They then proceeded as a team two -- always holding hands when possible -- to carry a pony section of LDH and hydrant dressing equipment to a hydrant located approximately 200 feet away. Then they made the hydrant.

After finishing, they returned to the starting area where a senior firefighter requested that they retrieve various tools located on the apparatus. They had to display and explain a primary and secondary use for the tools.

The next step required that they proceed around the station to a grassy area where they were required to go into a buddy breathing mode while their cylinder was changed out with a fresh cylinder.

During the final stage one team member deployed a pre-connect while the second team member filled the role of engineer and charged the line which was then advanced and several spray patterns were demonstrated.

All in all a pretty good training covering some basic firemanship all pushed into one course which could be accomplished with out leaving the front apron of the station