Photo Story: N.C. Crews Tackle Dwelling Fire

On a bright blue sky Friday, July 18, afternoon around 2 p.m. a call was received by 911 in Franklin County that the occupants of a house in Youngsville heard some “crackling” in the attic and saw some light smoke. It was only about five minutes later that the smoke turned to fire and in the mean time the two occupants not only evacuated the house but also moved their cars from the garage to save them.

As you can imagine the two people home at the time of the fire were startled and shaken. Their relative who owns the home was in Henderson at the time of the fire and was racing back to the burning house.

Firefighters and equipment from Youngsville Fire Department, Bunn Fire Department, Wake Forest Fire Department, and Franklinton Fire Department raced to the scene to begin aggressively tackling the fire. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office had deputies on the scene to stop traffic and members of Franklin County EMS and Youngsville Rescue & EMS were on the scene to care for people and firefighters in need.

The good news was they had a nice pond right next door from which fire trucks could pull water. The bad news is everything in the house not burned is now covered with smoke and pond water. But that’s really a very minor issue.

The skilled firefighters had the fire under control very quickly. Yet in the time the fire was at its peak the heat could be felt far away across the lawn. Yet in the heat, smoke, and active fire, firefighters were inside the house trying to stop the fire, help salvage important property, and assist the residents.

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