The Leader's Toolbox: The Residual Impact of Firefighter Injuries & Deaths - Part 2

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Winninpeg Firefighter Lionel Crowther and his wife, Joanna, return to talk with Dr. Richard Gasaway about their story when Lionel was seriously injured at a house fire. Two 2007 fire claimed the lives of Capt. Thomas Nichols and Capt. Harold Lessard.

Lionel and Joanna discuss the preparations for Lionel's return home after an extended hospital stay. They talk about the impact of Lionel's medical care, constant visitors, and the serious shift in the daily routine at their home.

Listen as they share the various challenges and lessons at home, but also how life at the station changed as he began to visit his old crews.

Part 3 will be posted in November.

Note: Lionel and Joanna will be presenting their story at Firehouse World, Feb. 19 - 23, in San Diego.