Apparatus Architects: 2011 Manufacturer's Roundtable

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Apparatus Architects Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur hosted the fifth annual Apparatus Manufacturers Roundtable at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore in July. 

This year's guests included:

  • Sean Duffy of Plastisol Composites
  • Jason Witmier of KME 
  • Jim Salmi of Crimson Fire 
  • Mike DuFrane of Pierce

The panel shares several ideas on how departments looking to purchase a new pumper can reduce the costs. 

Tom and Mike ask how the group how they handle customer requests to waive specific NFPA 1901 requirements, such as vehicle top speed limitations or warning light certifications.

Listen as the group discusses new technology that is being unveiled for future apparatus purchases and the anticipated impact on future NFPA 1901 Standards and EPA regulations as they are introduced.