Firehouse Roundtable: Leadership Issues in 2011

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A group of veteran fire officers discuss some of the issues that are impacting the fire service and creating extraordinary challenges for fire department leaders.

Chief Billy Hayes hosts the roundtable with Chief Alan Brunacini (ret., Phoenix) Chief Dennis Rubin (ret., Washington D.C.) and Bruce Varner (ret., Santa Rosa, CA). All three guests are involved with the Alan Brunacini Fire Service

The panel tackles how the fire service is now viewed by the citizens when budget and personnel cuts are common from coast to coast. Brunacini urges "be careful how, what you're doing, looks to others."

Listen as the chiefs share sage advice based on past experiences and observations from around the fire service.

The four guests on this show will host the Chief Brunacini Fire-Rescue Leadership Retreat at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore this month.