Fire Marshal's Corner: New Fire Prevention Advocacy Toolkit

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On this edition of Fire Marshal's Corner, Ed Comeau talks about the new Vision 20/20 Fire Prevention Advocacy Toolkit that is being launched at on June 14. This kit is being touted as "a game-changer" when it comes to advocating for fire prevention programs with your community leaders and elected officials. 

Ed talks with Jim Crawford, Vision 20/20 Project Manager; Peg Carson, Vision 20/20 Project Coordinator; Chief Alan Perdue, Vision 20/20 Strategy 1 Leader and Richard Taylor, Vision 20/20 Consultant. The group shares how, in these tough economic times, this toolkit will help you show the value of prevention education with information, videos, economic quantification and much more.  

Next, Ed talks with Editor-in-Chief Peter Matthews talking about the presitigous award that received for its efforts in using Facebook. The BtoB Social Media Award for Facebook was awarded by BtoB Magazine because of the efforts that is making in using Facebook as another tool for reaching out and providing information to the readers and fans of Firehouse.