Through The Smoke: Young Firefighters -The Gamer Generation

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Are you one of those young "gamer" or "online" generation firefighters? Find it a challenge to communicate with the older firefighters? Why? Just because they don't answer your text messages? They don't know what MySpace or a Facebook is? They actually read books versus Googling something?

Are you an older firefighter? One that "just doesn't get" the "Gamer Generation" because they want to "check everything out on the World Wide Web? Isn't what you tell them good enough? Think these "kids" know it all? They just may....

Join Through the Smoke Host Chief Billy Goldfeder along with his guests Division Chief Edward Hadfield from Coronado, CA; Lt. Mike Wilbur of FDNY Ladder 27; Battalion Chief Daryl Cleveland from, Pechanga, CA;, Assistant Chief Pat Dale from Olympia, WA and retired Fire Chief Gerry Kohlmann from Redwood City, CA as they discuss their views and facts on the new generation of firefighters, because they are here to stay!

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