Firehouse Magazine Insider: February 2008

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In the first edition of the Firehouse Insider, we talk with Battalion Chief Mark Emery about his new series titled "The Fire Station Pyramid of Success," that is printed in the February issue of Firehouse Magazine.

Mark explains the original Pyramid of Success, which was developed by UCLA basketball coach John R. Wooden. Wooden began developing the foundation for the Pyramid in 1934 and was considered a complete success 14 years later. Emery says, "What's amazing about the guy is that everybody in the country that knows sports... knows that he is the greatest basketball coach of all time. His records include four perfect seasons and 12 championships in 10 years.

Mark details the four parts of his Fire Station Pyramid of Success series and explains what success really means. "Success in the fire station really comes down to you and what John Wooden calls his foundation of success. If it's not in place in an organization or in an individual, it will never reach it's greatest potential", says Emery.

Mark also reviews his very popular series "The Ten Command-ments of Intelligent & Safe Fireground Operations.", The 10-part series concluded in the January edition of Firehouse Magazine and Chief Emery tells listeners how he developed the unique incident command tactics.

Mark Emery, a fourth-generation career firefighter, is a Battalion Chief in Woodinville in King County, WA. He is a partner in Fire Command Incorporated (FCI) in Seattle, that has been incident management solutions to fire and life safety organizations since 1986. Chief Emery is a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program, is a National Fire Academy Instructor Specialist, and earned a Baccalaureate Degree in Education from California State University at Long Beach.

Click here to read Mark's complete biography and access his archived Firehouse Magazine articles.

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