The Apparatus Architects: Predictions for the 2008 Apparatus Industry

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This edition of The Apparatus Architects looks at the latest news of 2007. As the year winds down, several manufactures face big changes that may impact fire departments across the nation. Hosts Michael Wilbur and Tom Shand offer their predictions for the state of the industry in 2008.

If your department is considering the purchase of a retired school bus and ambulance, tune in to see what Tom and Mike have to say. The hosts will tell you why these units have been retired and why they should never be used for emergency response.

Just before a new pumper is delivered, it is pump tested. Do you know what that means? Tom details the pump test processes and Mike looks at the ladder testing. The Apparatus Architects share their thoughts on what to look for if you have your eye on used or rehabilitated apparatus. One listener admits the deal his department thought it was getting turned out to be costly instead.

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