Campus Firewatch Radio: December 2007

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This month on Campus Firewatch Radio, host Ed Comeau talks with Battalion Chief Steven Sapp from the Columbia, MO, Fire Department, home to the University of Missouri. In 1999 there was a devastating fire in a fraternity that claimed the life of Dominic Passantino. Steve and his colleagues have been working on trying to get a mandatory retrofit sprinkler ordinance in place following this fire, and recently they were able to get one passed by the city council. But than the Greek community launched a campaign to overturn this ordinance, and Steve is here to join us to talk about what they are doing to try and counter this effort.

We are then joined by Dr. Doug Sullivan-Gonzalez, dean of the Honors College, from the University of Mississippi which had a fire that killed three students in a fraternity in 2004. Alcohol is a factor in so many of the fires we see across the country, and many schools are taking efforts to try and combat this problem. The university assembled a task force to look at this problem, and Doug, who is also a firefighter, is going to discuss the findings of the task force.

Wrapping up the show is Dr. Carol Hagans, director of Counseling and Consultation Services at Butler University in Indiana is going to talk about what makes today's students "tick". The Millennial Generation, as they are known, are a complex group and reaching them with fire safety messages is something that requires creativity and a radically different approach than what we have done in the past.

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