Fire Marshal's Corner: Winter 2007

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In this month's Fire Marshal's Corner, we start with some very sound advice from South Carolina Fire Marshal John Reich about holiday fire safety, particularly when it comes to Christmas Tree fires. Every year these fires happen, but are very easily preventable with some simple steps. NIST has a great video on how fast a Christmas tree ignites that can be downloaded and used in your public safety programs.

Following that we talk with Mike Love, fire marshal for Montgomery County, MD, about the great electronic groups that he has created for fire prevention professionals. One is called "ePARADE" and focuses on fire marshals, and the other one, the National Fire and Life Safety Educators group focuses on educational issues.

Finally, we have an interview that was done for our companion podcast, Campus Firewatch Radio, with Gail Minger. Gail headed up a governor's task force to look at fire safety in Kentucky's colleges and universities. The task force conducted focus groups across the state and published an outstanding report looking at these issues.

On a follow-up, in an earlier podcast we had interview Phil Schaenman about the study he had done in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia looking at fire prevention practices. At the time the report had not been published, but it is now available for download.

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