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The People's Burn Foundation was awarded a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to develop a cutting-edge campus fire safety training program. A team of experts from across the nation was assembled to help guide the development of this program, and a key component that was selected was producing a compelling video that will draw in today's "Youtube" generation.

A cast and crew of over 60 people spent a week in Indianapolis shooting this production. On this edition of Campus Firewatch Radio, host Ed Comeau will help us learn more about the project, called "To Hell and Back, The College Years," from:

Shawn Longerich, executive director of the People's Burn Foundation; Dan Jones, fire chief from Chapel Hill, NC; and Kindari O'Connor, director and screenplay writer from MediaSauce.

Pilot Sites are Needed!

A key part of this project is pilot site testing during January and we are looking for 50 schools or communities across the country to serve as pilot sites for this program. All of the material will be provided along with full instructions on how to do the pilot site testing program. If you are interested, contact the People's Burn Foundation at or (877) 814-2024.

Please send any suggestions, questions or comments, to:

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