The Leader's Toolbox: Influencing Success Through Fire Department Culture

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All fire departments have a culture. In fact it is possible to have many different cultures within an organization. The culture of your fire department is its personality and is influenced by many different people, priorities and motivations.

Join host Richard Gasaway during an interview with Shreveport Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran that was conducted at Fire-Rescue International. Chief Cochran will offer Firehouse listeners an overview of his "Shaping Organizational Culture in the Firehouse" session that was presented at FRI. Chief Cochran is the incoming First Vice President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and a nationally recognized presenter and author on leadership topics in the fire service.

In the second part of this podcast, Chief Gasaway will contribute his observations on building and maintaining a healthy fire department culture. Together, they share more than 50 years of experience and observations on developing and maintaining a positive fire department culture.

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