Campus Firewatch: Summer 2007

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Hosted by Ed Comeau

Join Campus Firewatch Radio host Ed Comeau as he looks at several issues related to fire safety on Campuses throughout the U.S. He starts with Jennifer Nelson from Seton Hall University. Jennifer was a student at Seton Hall, living in Boland Hall the night a fire that claimed the lives of three freshmen broke out. This fire had such an impact on her that she became an RA and stayed on in Boland Hall as a professional residential staff member after graduating. She has developed a series of fire safety programs and shares her experiences with us.

Next comes Chris Jelenewicz with the Society of Fire Protection Engineers with a great overview on the value of incorporating a fire protection engineer in your campus projects and how this expertise will help you make sure your fast-tracked projects are completed on time (and on budget!).

This show is wrapped up with Barbara Spalding from Wesleyan University, in Connecticut, talking about how they provide fire protection to students living in over 120 wood-frame one- and two-family homes.

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Campus Firewatch

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