Fire Marshal's Corner: Summer 2007

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Hosted by Ed Comeau

This edition of the Fire Marshal's Corner looks at the international fire problem, but we start here in our own backyard with the U.S. fire problem. Host Ed Comeau talks with Kathy Gerstner, a fire program specialist with the U.S. Fire Administration about the Quick Response Program. The Quick Response program is an updated fire fatality reporting system that's online in real-time, making it possible to view a listing of fatal residential fires.

The show continues with Phil Schaenman, president of TriData division of System Planning Corporation. Tridata recently completed a study of fire services in several countries, including the United Kingdom and Sweden. Listen to this show to see what they found.

After a long career as a code official in the United States, Stephen King from C3 Construction Code Consultants has now relocated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where he is working with the local governments to set up a code review process. The UAE is undergoing a tremendous building boom and is using a wide variety of international codes. King provided us with a fascinating look at a unique fire problem.

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