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As we move into the Fourth of July, and summer in general, fireworks will be going off all across the country. Joining us is Jerry Wingard from the South Carolina Fire Marshal's office to talk about fireworks and fireworks safety. Dan Madrzykowski from the National Institute of Standards and Technology talks about the outstanding research that they are conducting, particularly in the area of firefighter fatalities including the deaths of three Keokuk, IA, firefighters in 1999 and two Washington D.C. firefighter in 1999.

We then move into an interview that was done at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show in Boston with Vancouver, WA, Fire Marshal Jim Crawford and Las Vegas Fire Rescue Fire Protection Engineer Ozzie Mirkhah as they discuss the National Strategic Fire Initiative. This is a rapidly evolving, grass-roots effort to develop a national agenda for fire prevention and fire safety.

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