Through the Smoke: Sprinkler Selfishness and the New U.S. Fire Administration Chief

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Hosted by Billy Goldfeder

Unless you just got back from a home builders meeting, you know that the fire service fought a tough battle in May. Who were we fighting? The folks who don't support residential sprinklers. Who are they? Well, you would be surprised to know that some were so-called fire officials! But luckily, very few were. Most were builders and folks related either by blood, profession or financially. Why would they fight sprinklers? Three Experts join host Billy Goldfeder to talk about it.

The new U.S. Fire Administrator, Chief Greg Cade, has been confirmed and starts in Washington soon. I have always felt that the US Fire Administrator position is really what the fire service, the FEMA Director and the person in the position wants it to be. Well then, in this case, since the FEMA Director (Chief Dave Paulison) is a Fire Chief, and given Chief Cades background, we anticipate some excellent, hi-visibility fire service stature, involvement, progress and representation on behalf of all firefighters. Additionally, our sincere thanks to Chief Charlie Dickinson for the great work he has done while in the interim position.

Joining us on this installment of Through the Smoke is Georgia State Fire Marshal Chief Alan Shuman, U.S. Fire Administration Chief Greg Cade and Captain Sean DeCrane of the Cleveland, OH, Fire Department who currently represents the International Association of Fire Fighters in the 2007 Edition of the International Code Council for some lively discussion.

We'll find out about Chief Cades background and what his plans are as our New Chief in Washington as well as the sprinkler issue - which is worth getting involved with. After all, since the National Association of Home Builders lead their major opposition campaign against sprinklers, they clearly took a stand against firefighters and our ability to survive as well. And then there is the issue of those living in the burning home. Some will say "firefighters don't have to go in" and that solves the problem. Wake up! Sometimes we do have to go in and residential fire sprinklers can solve all parts of that problem.

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