Campus Safety for Major Incidents

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Hosted by Ed Comeau

The tragedy at Virginia Tech is one that has raised awareness among college administrators, local, state and national officials regarding safety on our nation's campuses. As we take a critical look at how our campuses and communities are prepared for any disaster, it is important to ensure that the changes made are not a "knee jerk" reaction but are ones that are well thought out and are measured. Because these issues are concerns of both campus and community officials, we are combining the May issues of Campus Firewatch Radio and Fire Marshal's Corner to discuss the common topics.

We have brought together a series of speakers to look at three (of many) concerns regarding safety on campuses. Tempe, AZ, Fire Chief Cliff Jones discusses the importance of incident management. Bruce Fraser, of SimplexGrinnell, offers information on mass notification for not only the campus, but the public as well. An incident of this magnitude will require numerous resources and Alan Caldwell of the International Association of Fire Chiefs will discuss interoperability of communications.

All three of these topics are ones of significant concern to any campus and community. They also point out the need to work closely together in developing plans and responses to any disaster, whether it is an active shooter, a fire, a tornado or any significant event.

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