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Thousands of firefighters are injured in the line of duty each year and how they are handled and treated following the injury varies depending upon where you are from. Additionally, what can we learn from firefighters who have been burned? The term œburned can have two different meanings

  • Burned: As in physical burns while operating at a fire and,
  • Burned: As in we were not taken care of very well when we thought we would be.

In some places, when hurt in the line of duty, you and your family need to only focus on you getting better because the coverage and support is there. But, in many other places, you are essentially on your own. How will you and your family be treated if you are seriously injured in the line of duty? Our first guest this week is Wendy Norris, a firefighter from Texas. A truss roof collapsed on her, causing a severe head injury and respiratory and facial burns when a falling beam knocked off her facemask. While that itself would be a nightmare for any firefighter, the lack of actions and incredible events following her injury are a part of our focus on this weeks Through the Smoke.

Also in this episode, we have some firefighters who have been there. These firefighters, like Wendy, were also very seriously burned and their lessons are critical.
Some of you have seen the award winning To Hell and Back video burn program. Well hold on, just wait until you see the new To Hell and Back II “ Firefighters Burned Program that will soon be sent to department in the country. This DVD is packed with training information along with interviews, video and simulations so that you and your members learn how to not go through firefighter hell.

To Hell and Back II is a no BS "in their own words" portrayal of severe burn injuries and the life-long impact to firefighters. Joining us are the firefighters from the People's Burn Foundation who will share with you, first hand, how each of their lives have been dramatically changed following their response, to a structural fire that went horribly wrong. Joining us are New York firefighter Bryan Winzer, Michigan firefighter Rob Kokko and Indiana FF Brian Alkire - all of whom suffered life altering burn injuries. Along with them are Shawn Grass, a training chief from Indiana, Andy "Sippy" Biron, a firefighter and instructor from New Hampshire and Foundation Executive Director Shawn Longerich.

And finally this week, we will learn how firefighter body scanning will help us in the very near future. Billy will be speaking with Jennifer Whitestone and Jenniffer Manning of Total Contact Inc., who have been has been contracted by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to conduct a study of firefighters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Through body measurements and whole body 3D scanning, they will provide new guidelines to improve the fit and performance of all safety equipment for firefighters. The firefighter body scanning project will change the way we do business! The data will become publicly available for unrestricted use.

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