The Apparatus Architects: Rescue Engines

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This month's Apparatus Architects podcast review the pros and cons of rescue-engine apparatus. While departments are forced to do mitigate more and more problems with fewer people, a combination apparatus may be the key to successful operations. Apparatus Architects Michael Wilbur and Tom Shand offer feedback including the size, weight and construction factors because of the heavy and bulky gear carried by rescue companies that may pose limit on your department's ideal future unit. If your department is considering this option, this is a must for your chief and apparatus committee and firefighters.

Michael Wilbur talks about the on-going seat belt issue and the Anthropometric body scans being produced by Total Contact to determine the body charactertics of firefighters across the country. While the process is primarily for better seat belts on fire apparatus, it can also be applied to other firefighting tools to make the job both safer and easier for future generations. This podcast includes the latest in apparatus news and answers several listener's questions. This podcast is sponsored by Task Force Tips.


Total Concept seat belt study

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Seatbelt pledge

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