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Hosted by Ed Comeau

This month's Fire Marshal's Corner features an interview with Rhode Island Representative Jim Langevin who introduced the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act in Congress. The International Code Council will be holding a hearing that will require the use of residential sprinklers in new one- and two-family homes. Jeff Shapiro from International Code Consultants explains what will be happening at these hearings in May.

Each month, Fire Marshal's Corner features the National Association of State Fire Marshal's educational theme, which for April is "Spring Cleaning -- Clean your Ductwork." North Dakota State Fire Marshal Ray Lambert discusses why it is important to do this often-overlooked task. John Drengenberg, an engineer with Underwriters Laboratories and manager of Consumer Affairs, talks about the E85 Ethanol dispensing systems that are rapidly growing in use across the nation and the impact this is having on fire safety.

Wrapping up the program is a conversation with Shawn Longerich, director of the People's Burn Foundation of Indiana and the outstanding work that the Foundation is doing.

Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act

Representative Jim Langevin: Rhode Island 2nd District

HR 1742 Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act

ICC Residential Sprinkler Code Change

Jeff Shapiro, International Code Consultants

IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Spring Cleaning-Clean Your Ductwork!

North Dakota State Fire Marshal Ray Lambert National Association of State Fire Marshals

E85 Ethanol Dispensing Systems

John Drengenberg, Manager of Consumer Affairs Underwriters Laboratories

People's Burn Foundation of Indiana

Shawn Longerich, Director

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