Training & Tactics Talk: Engine Company Operations

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Every time an engine company rolls out the door, there are a number of differences between each city, while the common goal is contain the fire. This show begins with a discussion of engine company responsibilties in their respective department's including rapid intervention, hoseline choice, staffing and securing the water supply.

The discussion continues over the long-time debate on dry versus charged hose lines being stretched at structural fires. Staffing deems the diameter hose used when arriving at a commercial building fire, which ranges from a 1 ¾-inch to a 2 ½-inch hose and high rise operations have changed after previous incidents determined some best practices.

The roundtable discussion of Training & Tactics Talk ends with a scenario where the engine company is first-due and the next company is delayed. Do you stretch the line and search off of it or work in different areas to contain the fire and search for life? Join FDNY Battalion Chief Tom Grabher, Kansas City, MO, Captain Jeff Johnson, Fort Worth Lt. Larry Manasco and Anchorage, AK, Captain Paul Urbano for this engine company chat session.

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