Through the Smoke: Do They Get What We Do?!?

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Do you know people who just don't get what we do? You probably know a lot who don't. My world is full of em'. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to get politicians, city hall dwellers and others to understand. Sometimes, it's those closest to us such as our families and friends....who may not "get it."

While firefighters are so busy these days, every once in a while we have a chance to read a good book. Now listen, this ain't Oprah, so we are only talking about FIRE books, but not just technical books. Books you will absolutely enjoy and books - two books specifically this month - that can help those who don't get it...maybe Get it.

We have two great authors joining us on Through the Smoke this week to talk about their work. And while both books are true and factual stories about firefighters, there is alot we all can learn from the stories they tell. Join Through the Smoke host Chief Billy Goldfeder with his guests Charles Kenny, the author of Rescue Men, who comes from a family of firefighters in Boston as well as Chicago Battalion Chief Steve Chikerotis, the author of Firefighters From The Heart: True Stories And Lessons Learned as they discuss the good, and the bad, related to those they write about.

About Rescue Men

In Rescue Men, former Boston Globe journalist Charles Kenney tells the story of three generations of firefighters in his family and the fires, events and politics that changed their lives. Rescue Men is about the culture of firefighting - confronting the dangers and the intensely close bonds among members who rely upon one another for their safety and often their lives.

About Firefighters From The Heart: True Stories And Lessons Learned

Firefighters From The Heart is a book of 46 short stories that shaped and molded Chicago Battalion Chief Steve Chikerotis' career, as well as stories written through interviews of firefighters such as retired Boston Fire Commissioner Leo Stapleton, Retired FDNY Captain John Vigiano, Former Chicago Fire Commissioner Ray Orozco Sr. and current Fire Commissioner Ray Orozco Jr. All of the firefighters bared their souls and shared career-altering experiences so that others could learn. Each story is written to make you feel that you are there and each is followed by a summary of the important lessons learned and questions for discussion amongst firefighters.

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