Fighting for Federal Funding: 2007 Assistance to Firefighter Grants - Part 2

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As the filing period for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program is about to be open, grant contributor Brian Vickers interviews three departments that have been very successful over the last few years.

Kevin Gordon of the Waco, NC, Community Volunteer Fire Department talks about the three grants awarded to his department including apparatus, rescue and more than $1 million for a regional communication upgrade. Kevin's advice is simple: be familiar with the guidance reports and start researching early.

Despite the recent downsizing of several large industries in their district, the Gates, NY, Fire Department has been able to hire additional career firefighters. Chief James Harrington discusses the five grants, including SAFER and Fire Prevention, this his department has received.

Andy Theriault describes the three awards which were won by his department in Ipswich, MA. Several improvements have been made with the purchase of a vehicle exhaust system, new personal protective equipment and apparatus. One of his secrets includes quoting NFPA Standards in the application process.

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