The Leaders Toolbos: Oil & Water

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The fire service attracts people from all backgrounds and the old adage œIt's like mixing oil and water, applies to those in firehouses all over the world. The first segment of the Leader's Toolbox with Fire Chief Richard Gasaway this month looks at this problem from the chief's perspective. A chief wrote in requesting assistance after several arguments have erupted during run in's with one particular firefighter. Options include a one-on-one discussion with the two parties involved and even bring in a moderator to set things straight.

The second half of The Leader's Toolbox discusses the ambitions of a young firefighter to climb the leadership ladder as the department's two chiefs are planning their retirement. Chief Gasaway cautions: œBe careful what you wish for and talks about the increased workload and responsibility for the officer. Showing iniative is the best approach to getting promoted “ from taking classes to further educate yourself and talking with the current supervisors about your intentions. Working with a current officer to enrich leadership skills.

This show ends up with a brief discussion on mentoring in the fire service. Many of today's fire officers and future fire officers have not responded to as many fires and incidents as these seniors officers, so choosing a mentor is a great way to learn time-proven skills.

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