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As firefighters, the discussions on the previous THROUGH THE SMOKE Show could not have made our hair stand up any more than it did! That "Firefighter Cancer Study", done by University of Cincinnati (UC) environmental health researchers blew us away...sort of. It's not as if we DIDN'T know about the problems-we just didn't really WORRY ABOUT IT. But maybe now, it seems, we are....well, maybe. The UC-led team analyzed information on 110,000 firefighters from 32 previously published scientific studies to determine the comprehensive health effects and correlating cancer risks of our profession. Sheesh.

SO WHY NOW? We always knew to WEAR OUR SCBA...but we don't always listen. In some towns, we RARELY listen. We KNOW wearing SCBA made sense...but we didn't really worry about it when there was just some smoke. We also never thought that a little soot on our face or hands was a problem. We never really thought about those outside-such as the chiefs, the pump operators, the safety folks, the sector bosses, the EMS personnel and even the fire photographers and others who were actually IN the smoke...even though it would clear "in just a little while". SO NOW WHAT?

Join Through The Smoke Host Chief Billy Goldfeder with both his guests, Dr. Grace LeMasters, PhD, and for his first time joining us, Dr. James Lockey, MD from the Univ. of Cincinnati, the leaders in this FIREFIGHTER study for PART 2 with more frank and NO NON-SENSE discussion of these concerns in protecting firefighters. Listen....if we don't pay attention to these EXPERTS...odd's are, some of us will never pay attention and the results are predictable-and now, PROVEN.


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