The Leaders Toolbox: Misson Statements and Motivaiton

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What is your department's mission statement? Does your department even have a mission statement?

While we welcome 2007, it maybe time to reevaluate your organizations mission statement, or work to make sure you have one. In this Leaders Toolbox podcast, Fire Chief Richard Gasaway looks at the different reasons for creating and maintaining the body of your mission statement. Do you know your statement? Do your members know? If not, this Leader's Toolbox will offer ideas for making the mission statement a daily thought.

Another issue that Chief Gasaway tackles in this podcast is keeping firefighter training to mandated levels. A volunteer training captain requests some motivation on how to keep his departments members well trained, while working with the chiefs and the firefighters to make sure mandates are followed. For volunteers, you can offer classes at different times, but make sure each of firefighter knows they have to keep their knowledge up to speed.

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