Firefighting Cancer

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"Taking in" a little smoke??

As a firefighter, the outcome of the recent study done by University of Cincinnati (UC) environmental health researchers will BLOW YOU AWAY. Their work-which directly impacts you, has determined that firefighters are significantly much more likely to develop four different types of cancer than workers in other fields.

Surprised? Their findings suggest that the protective equipment such as SCBA's, masks, turnout clothing etc firefighters have used in the past does not do a good job in protecting us against cancer-causing agents. I mean, did you ever think a little soot on your face or hands is a problem? Is the issue as simple as us using what we have...properly?

Wait and listen... Join Through The Smoke Host Chief Billy Goldfeder with his guest, Dr. Grace LeMasters, PhD, from the Univ. of Cincinnati, a leader in this study for a first hand, frank and NO NON-SENSE discussion of these concerns, the past, the present and the future in protecting firefighters....which starts with, but is NOT as simple as all of us WEARNG all of the equipment we are issued...and FIRE OFFICERS enforcing that.


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