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Here's the scenario: It's 10:30 PM and you arrive at a 2,500-square-foot house with heavy smoke showing from two sides and dispatch tells you that the next company is seven minutes out. It's you as the engine company officer, a driver and two firefighters. As you approach the house, you look inside a vehicle and see two car seats in the back. No one is outside the house and the neighbors are not around. What would you do?

In this first installment of œTraining & Tactics Talk on Radio@Firehouse, listen as five veteran fire officers go back and forth on several topics, including the one above. With more than 80 years of combined fire service experience, join FDNY Battalion Chief Tom Grabher; Paso Robles, CA, Battalion Chief Ed Hadfield; Lieutenant Larry Manasco from Fort Worth; Downers Grove, IL, Battalion Chief Jeffrey Pindelski and Rochester, NY, Captain Russell Merrick, as they share knowledge and know-how that is used across the United States daily.

Who carries the thermal imager in your department? Are SOGs the only method for operation on the fireground? What is the biggest concern of the fire officer upon arrival at every working fire? Each month, Radio@Firehouse will ask a panel of firefighters and fire officers from different regions to weigh in with their training methods and tactics. encourages you to send in questions to be answered on upcoming shows.

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