Leadership on the line: Seat Belts Past, Present and Future

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About 45% of the fire service does not wear their seat belt when riding in emergency vehicles. Firefighters have been and will be injured and killed because they were not using their seat belt. This problem is not new; it persists today, and will not change in the future until we the fire service take responsibility and buckle up.

Today's show continues the National Seat Belt Pledge Campaign. The program objective is to have 1,000,000 firefighter's sign the pledge to wear their seat belt by June 21, 2007. The impact objective is to reduce the number of firefighters kill because they did not have their seat belt on by 100% in 2007. In other, words from now on: every firefighter, driver, company officer, and chief officer will wear their seat belt. We will take responsibility for ourselves and each other.

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Special thanks to TrainingDivision.com for their dedication and participation in the National Seat Belt Pledge campaign.

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