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THE SMOKE FIRE FIGHTERS WORK IN...Myths, Mis-Understandings & FACTS!

In this episode of THRU THE SMOKE, Chief Goldfeder and his guest Captain Mike Gagliano from Seattle will discuss their Firefighter Air Management program and YOUR survival. While "packing up" is a good start to lengthening your ability to keep RESPONDING to fire calls and maybe even be around long enough to have grand children, KNOWING how to MANAGE your air-and those of your firefighters carries it to a whole other level. This episode of THROUGH THE SMOKE features discussions on the Rule of Air Management, how Firefighters are dying in structures, the Point of No Return, the Changes coming in January 2007 to NFPA 1404 respiratory standard...and some critical understanding of Smoke and
Cyanide....for ANYONE that responds to fires-from Chief to probie!

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