FDNY Rescue Company, USAR and Beyond - A Chat With FDNY's Battalion Chief Fred P. LaFemina

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It's been a tough time-again-for FDNY and there is not a firefighter in the nation that doesn't feel it. The recent tragic line of duty deaths of Firefighters Lt. Howard Carpluk and Probationary Michael Reilly numbed a Department that is also preparing for the 5th Anniversary of 9/11. FDNY BC Fred LaFamina has responded to numerous tragic events....including 9/11, Hurricane Katrina as well as most recently, the tragic fire in The Bronx. In addition, he is the Team Leader of NYTF-1's USAR Team and has years of civilian and firefighter rescue operations experience...both in NYC and across the USA.

Join Chief Fred Lafamina with Chief Billy Goldfeder this week for a preliminary discussion on the recent tragic FDNY events as well as a full discussion on "Rescue Company Operations" the FEMA USAR TEAM System.....who are they...how did they get started and a question some firefighters ask "Why do THEY (USAR) get to go on the bad runs " ?

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