IAFC Launches National Mutual Aid Strategic Plan

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Listen to the Podcast to the Right: Firehouse.com's Lon Slepicka Interviews Bill Bullock, former Battalion Chief for Fairfax (Va.) Fire Department and currently a liason with the Mutual Aid System Task Force for IAFC. (18 Minute Interview: Listen in Player or 16MB Download MP3)

DALLAS -- The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) held a press conference at Fire-Rescue International at the Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, Friday, to announce the launch of a new publication, A National Mutual Aid System for the Fire Service: A Strategic Vision (MASTF). The strategic plan was developed by the IAFC Mutual Aid System Task Force and is a first-of-its-kind resource for the fire service.

Chief William D. "Bill" Killen, CFO, IAFC President 2005-2006, spoke at the press conference of the underlying reason for this system; "In the aftermath of Katrina and Rita, the IAFC recognized the need to do a better job of organizing and deploying our resources in disasters."

One could ask the question, why bring equipment and responders from New York City to New Orleans days after they were initially needed when a national mutual aid system with an inventory database, if it had been in place, could dispatch the same from neighboring states in hours?

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