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Join FIREHOUSE.COM's THROUGH THE SMOKE Host Chief Billy Goldfeder and his guests, with Firehouse Contributors Battalion Chief John Salka, Captain Mike Dugan and Lt. Mike Wilbur, and their lively audience from Firehouse Expo in Baltimore. Listen in as they discuss current events that effect YOU including recent apparatus LODD's and a surprising news story of a Missouri firefighter who was trapped in a fire, and got out alive, but is now raising serious (and potentially legal) concerns about the fire and the escape.

Also, in a panel and audience participation discussion, Billy and his guests raise the issue of how fire officers are selected in many volunteer and combination Fire Departments, and how it may very well be the weakest link in the success, failure, and morale of a department. After all, WHO leads YOU may be WHO determines whether or not YOU make it home!

Join us for this first ever "LIVE" audience participation show of Radio @'s THROUGH THE SMOKE with Chief Billy Goldfeder.

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