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Starting as a firefighter in Dade County, Florida, Chief Dave Paulison has been involved-and affected by, as many "emergencies" as any of us... and he has never forgotten where he came from. Hopefully, that's the wisdom behind his most recent achievement:being appointed as the Under Secretary for FEMA. The FEMA CHIEF. Dave has stated that he is going to work with FEMA to make American proud of the agency-that in itself will be a challenge. Listen in as Dave talks about some of his ideas and plans-as well as what message he has for his brothers and Sisters in the American Fire Service.

And we'll also be catching up with Firehouse Founder, Dennis Smith. Starting as a Firefighter in the South Bronx, Dennis decided one day to write a book. And the rest is history. While "Report From Engine Company 82" started it, FIREHOUSE Magazine continued it, and numerous other best selling books and accomplishments sustain Dennis's motivation-join us as Dennis shares his history, the story behind his books and his perspective on today's fire service, his involvement with the September 11th Families Association, the National Fire Fighter Near Miss Reporting System....and what his most recent venture is.

Join Through The Smoke Host Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder with his guests, FEMA's New Chief, Under Secretary Chief Dave Paulison and Firehouse Founder, Dennis Smith.

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