Standing Down, Cyanide, and a Road Trip

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"...Another firefighter safety stand down...?" "We did that last year?!?"

How about we just SHUT UP...BUCKLE UP...SLOW DOWN... & STOP!

"We" (that's all of us) haven't done all that great since last years STAND DOWN. We probably got a C - and while we didn't totally fail-there is a lot more room for improvement in order to seriously impact FF injury and death. So building on the success of the National Fire Fighter Safety Stand Down in 2005, the IAFC and IAFF have mutually called for another needed stand down to be held starting Wednesday, June 21, 2006. it as simple as SHUT UP...BUCKLE UP...SLOW DOWN... & STOP?

Join Radio@Firehouse.Com Through The Smoke host Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder and his guests, IAFF's Rich Duffy (Ass't to the Gen. President for Occup. Medicine, Health & Safety), IAFC's President Bill Killen and IAFC Executive Director, Garry Briese, for a rapid fire discussion on what is being done for the STAND DOWN...and we can all do-at all of our firehouses-to keep lowering LODD & injury numbers in relation to going-and coming-from calls.

Additionally, in this episode of THROUGH THE SMOKE, you will get a preview of Harry Carter's 2006 Fire Act Road Trip as well as details from Deputy Asst. Chief Curt Varone on the CYANIDE ISSUE that recently effected Providence (R.I.) firefighters and some "routine" structural fires...and can effect ALL OF US!

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