Chat with Chief Alan Brunacini Pt 1

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(Note: This is PART 1 of 2 PARTS...due to the time Chief Bruno spent with us, we have broken this episode of THROUGH THE SMOKE into two parts. Part 2 will be posted next week so STAY TUNED)

Unless you joined the fire department 15 minutes ago, you have heard of Phoenix Chief Alan Brunacini. Odds are you have either read his work or heard his words... and have reacted to his thoughts.

While some firefighters may not realize it, Chief "Bruno" started on the tailboard-like some of you.... and was going to fires before some of our parents started fooling around. Due to his time on the job, he has A LOT of perspective. Crawled down halls? Been there. Stretched lines? Done that. Made some mistakes? Uh huh. But yet through it all, he has been able to consistently see things just a little different than so many others.

Join Radio@Firehouse.Com Through The Smoke host Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder and his guest, Phoenix Fire Chief Alan Brunacini for PART 1 of a cool discussion on where we have been...where we are...and where we are the fire service....and a little bit more.....all from "Bruno's" perspective.

Discussion with Chief Alan Brunacini Coverage:

Part II

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