A Firefighters Love for the Job

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There are a lot of fire service books, starting from some written in the 1800's right up to some "must have" books written by fire service greats. Does your library include named authors such as Brannigan, Norman, Smith, Montagna, Salka, Brunacini, Dunn, Clark, Friedman, Carter, Coleman, Page, Murtagh, Mittendorf, Richman, Stapleton, McCormack and Holbrook? And while there are many more, there is a new book coming out that caught my eye. It discusses the LOVE for the job of being a firefighter. While I haven't read it yet, I am intrigued when someone wants to write about that.

And with the recent decision of the courts that a 14 year old junior firefighter, killed while riding his bicycle to the firehouse for an alarm, is to be treated as an LODD, we further see "A Love for the Job" even more defined.

Join Radio@Firehouse.Com Through The Smoke's Host Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder along with Chief Rick Lasky for a discussion about "Pride and Ownership - A Firefighters Love of The Job," and what defines someone who loves the job, those who claim they love the job, and those whose actions prove they couldn't give a damn and simply "dress up" as firefighters when the tones go off.

In this weeks show, we will also discuss current events including the recent decision that a 14 year old junior firefighter, killed while going to the firehouse for an alarm, is to be granted the status of FIREFIGHTER, and treated as a Line of Duty Death. A tragic loss of a dedicated young man that quite possibly may redefine Firefighter LODD's for the future.

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